Starting a business in Serbia

Registration of the Company

When considering the registration of a company in Serbia, it is crucial to select the optimal form of legal entity to ensure a smooth and successful business venture.

Engaging the services of experts well-versed in Serbian business laws and regulations can help navigate the complexities of each entity type, taking into account factors like liability, taxation, and management structure.

Additionally, as experienced professionals, we can provide comprehensive support throughout the entire registration process, simplifying paperwork, liaising with authorities, and expediting necessary approvals.

By offering tailored guidance and personalized assistance, we can ensure that you can confidently establish your presence in Serbia, equipped with the best-suited legal structure for your specific business goals.

Representation before tax authorities

Navigating the complexities of tax compliance and regulations can be challenging, especially for foreign entities. In this regard, seeking the expertise of a tax representative proves to be highly beneficial.

As a tax representative we can provide support in ensuring proper fulfilment of tax obligations and providing guidance on tax planning and exemptions.

With a deep understanding of Serbian tax laws, we can assist you in identifying eligible tax exemptions, maximizing tax efficiency, and streamlining tax activities for your company.

By conceding these activities to us, you can focus on your core operations while ensuring full compliance with the Serbian tax authorities’ requirements.

Support in the bank activities

When engaging in bank activities in Serbia, obtaining comprehensive support is essential to streamline the process and ensure efficient operations.

A reliable financial partner can assist businesses in preparing the necessary documentation and facilitate a smooth account opening process.

We can guide you through the requirements, helping you to submit the correct paperwork, and liaising with the bank on your behalf.

Acting as an intermediary, we can conduct various bank activities on behalf of your company, such as managing transactions, executing payments, and handling financial matters efficiently.

Finding adequate premises

Finding the right premises for a business is a crucial step towards establishing a successful presence in Serbia. We can provide valuable advice on selecting the optimal location and characteristics of the premises based on your specific needs.

Factors such as accessibility, proximity to target institutions/business partners and local infrastructure are taken into consideration to identify the most suitable location.

Moreover, the assistance extends beyond mere location advice as we can also aid in the contracting process, negotiating favorable lease terms, and ensuring compliance with legal requirements.

Additionally, we can offer guidance and provide support on equipping the premises efficiently, optimizing the workspace for productivity and functionality.

By entrusting these responsibilities to us as we are well-versed in the local real estate landscape, you can save your time and resources, while securing a conducive environment to thrive in the Serbian market.

Project tendering

When venturing into project tendering, securing reliable support can significantly enhance the chances of success.

One of the critical aspects where our assistance proves invaluable is project budgeting. We can meticulously analyze project requirements, assess potential costs, and support you in developing a comprehensive and realistic budget. This ensures that the submitted tender aligns with the project’s financial feasibility while remaining competitive in the bidding process.

Additionally, accessing a pool of key experts is vital for presenting a well-rounded and capable team to fulfill project demands. We can propose key experts with specialized skills and knowledge, enhancing the proposal’s credibility and increasing the likelihood of winning the tender.

Collaborating with us can empower your company to present strong and attractive project proposals, demonstrating your competence and capacity to deliver exceptional results.

Starting a business in Serbia? Let’s get to work.