Meet our Team

Goran Stanković

Over 2 decades of experience in the consulting industry. Started as Finance Manager and System Administrator on the project connected with the vocational education and training reform programme, following the long-term EU funded project “Modernization of Vocational Education and Training System in Serbia” with the role of Financial Manager and Tax Agent. Since 2018 Goran works closely with the representatives of the Ministry of Public Administration and Local Self Government and the Government’s bodies (General Secretariat and Public Policy Secretariat) on implementation of the EU funded project “Support to Public Administration Reform under the PAR Sector Reform Contract” as Finance Officer and Project Coordinator.

Marko Živanović

In the consulting industry since the beginning of 2014. During the last 5 years career focus was on project office management on long-term EU funded projects “Support to Public Administration Reform under the PAR Sector Reform Contract” and “Prevention and Fight Against Corruption”. Before that, gained over 5 years of experience working on projects as Project Manager Assistant and Testing Manager for both public institutions and private companies, including Ministry of Finance, State Audit Institution, Bankruptcy Supervisory Agency, Public company Elektroprivreda Srbije, Telenor Banka etc. At the beginning of business career worked on several short-term assignments for the small public institutions by managing activities related to improvement of existing processes and implementation of new ones in the area of project reporting.

Aleksandar Vasić

More than 20 years of experience as a translator and interpreter. During consulting career worked on seven long-term projects, including different types of EU funded projects, and gaining detailed knowledge of EU and IPA-related processes. While serving in these EU-funded projects, including the work at the EU Info-Centre in Belgrade, translated an extensive array of EU publications, brochures, as well as governmental and ministerial documents such as strategies, policies, operational plans, and the EC’s Questionnaire. In a role as an interpreter, actively contributed on several high-level conferences, meetings, study visits, and training sessions. Early in career, honed skills as a journalist, successfully crafting numerous concise news articles and content for various portals.

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